Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mini Vacation

We were invited to a wedding last Saturday. Mark was scheduled to work but took the day off. When he takes one day off, he has five days off in a row. Since we had extra time, we decided to do some extra things. We had been wanting to go to the Creation Museum, and this was the area we were headed to.

So Friday we went to the museum. We spent about 7 hours there and didn't see quite everything.
Some of it was above the kids' heads, but there was plenty that they did understand. We took in a lecture/workshop with Buddy Davis. He is a songwriter, author, singer and sculptor. He has sculpted many of the dinosaurs at the museum. The kids really enjoyed him. He taught them how to walk like a T-Rex, a song about behemoth mentioned in Job and how to sculpt with clay. They have a petting zoo where we saw a Zonkey (1 parent donkey, 1 zebra) and a Zorse (1 parent horse, 1 zebra). If you ever get a chance, it is worth it, and there is something for everyone. Several of the extra lectures, etc. are an additional fee so be prepared for that.

Saturday morning, we went to the Cincinnati Zoo. I didn't want to do the zoo in the rain. It looked like it would be clear until later in the day, but wouldn't you know after we paid for tickets and parking and had just walked in the gate, it started to rain. We had to take a restroom break immediately, and by the time we came out, it had pretty much stopped. The rest of the time was overcast, but no rain. They have just built a new deck in the giraffe exhibit that allows you to handfeed the giraffes. But since they had just finished it, the giraffes were shy and wouldn't come to the fence.

In the afternoon, we went to the wedding. It was very nice, but we didn't get any decent pictures.

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Cincinnati Trip