Saturday, November 15, 2008

Raingutter Regatta

Kendrick's cubscout pack had a raingutter regatta at his last meeting. They had two raingutters filled with water. Each boy had been given a boat kit to assemble and decorate. They raced their boats in the gutters by blowing on the sails. Kendrick did quite well at first. He didn't win, but he had a great time anyway. Our pastor's son did win first place and will go to the district race.

At the "dock" ready to go.

Kendrick's boat - The Wind

On your mark, get set...


They all got a ribbon for participating.


snakesnailsbuttonsnbows said...

Way to Go!! Kendrick!!

Kuhn Family Journals said...

Yeah My Fiance is the youth pastor where the Hamers are. O I didn't realize you all knew them.

Chelsey said...

Hey Nancy! Check out this link to see how I used the paper and stickers that you won!