Tuesday, February 26, 2008

School Days

I think we are kind of in a slump right now when it comes to school. The weather has been very cold and we haven't seen the sun a lot. When my children are a little bummed out because they have to have school on a "snow day", I remind them that when the weather is turning nice, they can be outside playing while the school children will be sitting in class. That sort of brightens their day. We have had a few things this month to break the monotony of things.

We did chores for our friends for almost 3 weeks,
Our February field trip was to Harry London Chocolate Factory (yum), and
We had our Valentine's Day Party.

One day Kara's lesson was about the pioneers. She learned a little about Laura Ingalls Wilder, and she dressed up as a pioneer. (This is the dress that I made for Krista when she was in kindergarten.)

In Science, Kendrick has been learning about living things and what is needed to live. The plants give off oxygen for people and animals to breathe and take in the carbon dioxide that we give off. We had instructions on how to put together a terrarium. This is the little critter that we put in. It is a fire-belly newt. He named it Volcano because it is black with a red belly. They are native to Japan. We bought some newt food but so far it does not appear that he has eaten any. The pet store owner told me they prefer live food like worms and crickets. I hope he starts eating this stuff pretty soon as I am not excited about the live food thing.

This is his belly.

His home. This is a 5-gallon aquarium that we weren't using. Because the newt is so small, he seems lost in this huge thing. He always hides so we have to go digging under the moss to find him all the time. Hopefully he becomes a little more brave over time and will come out so we can watch him do something!

Krista is getting ideas together for the Education Fair that takes place in April. In Science she has been learning about the digestive system, and with some help from Daddy, she is becoming quite knowledgeable about epiglottis, bolus, sphincter and peristalsis. I think my kids may be smarter than me before this is all over with.