Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Update on the Goats

The kids whose birth we attended are 4 weeks old now. Here are more recent pictures of them. They are very frisky and are growing. My children were able to name them. The one Kara is holding is Cloverbud because he looks like a goat named Clover. The light headed one on Kaylee is Crystal's Shadow because he looks like his mother, Crystal. The dark one on Kaylee is Molasses because his head is so dark. These goats are Boars (white with brown head).

Kaylee is not too sure about both of them jumping on her. A little later one of them jumped up and hit her nose. It didn't bleed, but it sure didn't feel good.

The goat Clover had twins the day after the owners came back. We went over to take a look at them. The one on Krista's lap is Oliver and the one behind is Cocoa.

Last Wednesday, one of the Alpine goats had twins. I only got a good picture of one of them.