Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spanish Celebration!

The theme for this chapter in kindergarten has been "taking the Gospel". A missionary to Spain was featured, and we were introduced to some Spanish words. On the last day, we had a Spanish celebration. (We are having school in our unfinished house. The girls are wearing boots because we have to traipse through the snow and mud to get there. One day soon we will be moving in :) !!!)

Kaylee and Kara in their homemade sombreros. (Paper plate, Styrofoam cup, crepe paper.) Since we don't have maracas, we made shakers. (Toilet paper roll with a few dried beans inside covered in tissue paper, 2 paper plates stapled together with a few dried beans inside and decorated with crepe paper.)

Learning to count in Spanish. (Kaylee is on the wrong page.)

Learning colors in Spanish. (Both on the correct page this time.)

Snack - Spanish rollups and fruit punch.

They had a great time and managed to learn something, too.