Monday, September 29, 2008

Bike-a-Thon and Cub Scout Picnic

Last Saturday, we finally were able to have the bike-a-thon to raise money for the sound system at church (no rain). The children were to ride a maximum of 100 laps around the church parking lot. Krista and Kendrick both rode the 100 laps, Kara rode 54 laps, and Kaylee rode around a few times. It isn't real noticeable, but the parking lot slants slightly so riding around the one side took more effort than the other. Kaylee would get on the uphill side and not be able to go anywhere. Some of the teen girls would push her a ways until she could get going herself. Mostly she rode in the center of the lot where the "official" riders were not allowed to ride. It was safer that way anyway. I was proud of Kara; she rode much further than I expected she would.

Here they are waiting in line for instructions and permission to begin.


I didn't get many pictures of them. I was helping to count laps, and they all went around so fast it left our heads spinning. ;>)

Later we went to the Cub Scout family picnic. We ate, visited with other cub scout families, fished, and hiked. Krista and Kendrick both caught fish.

Krista's fish is a little hard to see because it blends in with the cattails on the other side of the pond, but if you look close, you can see it.


The Gurnee's said...

I LOVE the last pic!!! That's a winner for sure!!

As for the bikeathon - what a creative idea!!!

Oh,and I'm so happy you didn't participate in those activities on a school day. Gotta get all that school work done ya know!!!