Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why I Homeschool (Part 2)

(Here are a few more of my benefits and reasons.)

#6. CUSTOMIZED CURRICULUM I don't have to stick to one curriculum if I find that one is not working for a particular child. My child can also work at his/her own pace. If one struggles with learning, we can take a little more time going through it. If one excels in learning, we can go a little faster.

#7. I CHOOSE MY CHILDREN'S FRIENDS I have a lot more say in this area then I would if they attended school. Not all friendships made in even Christian schools are healthy, Christian relationships. (I know! I attended a Christian school all my school years and also taught in one for 6 years.)

#8. MORE PEACEFUL MORNINGS It seemed that no matter how early we started getting ready for school in the mornings, there was always this last minute frantic rush, especially if for some reason the children did not get to bed on time the previous evening (revival, etc.). Our mornings now can be a little more relaxed since we don't have a deadline. If we had a late night, the children can sleep in. Well-rested children learn better and are in a better mood. Everyone is happier, especially MOM.

#9. BETTER SOCIALIZED CHILDREN I know this a biggy with a lot of people. Since we began to homeschool, we have kept our old friends, but have made so many more new, wonderful friends. My children are not just learning to socialize with their peers, but know how to interact with people of ALL ages.

#10. BETTER STEWARD OF MY MONEY Especially with gas prices these days! We have less wear and tear on vehicles and are safer than out driving twice a day. Also, I never have to "school clothes shop". My children wear the same old, same old until they outgrow it, and no one cares.

#11. NOT ALL LEARNING COMES FROM BOOKS When we are finished with "book learning" for the day, we can move on to other activities. My children can spend more time with me in the kitchen and doing household chores. We are building a house, and the children have become involved. They have painted, put together kitchen cupboards, learned to use hammers and screwdrivers and have a greater knowledge of things then I ever did at their ages.

(More to come.)


The Gurnee's said...

Great posts on home schooling. I am almost finished with my Masters in Education from Indiana Wesleyan University and I feel like I have a great insight into all forms of eductaion. My parents both retired from public school teaching, I teach in the public school, I attended various Christian schools, my mother taught in a Christian school and we home school our own children. Each one has its benefits as well as detractants. You can not condemn homeschooling that is done with qualified teachers. It is one of the biggest blessings on a child. The biggest hangup with homeschooling is when the parent(s) lacks the ability to teach, or lacks the discipline needed to home school. Keep on posting your thoughts they are great. I am sure one day when your children reach the age of 40 they won't be living at home tied to your apron strings.