Thursday, September 11, 2008

Butterflies Up Close

Today we went to a butterfly house at a botanical garden. They had several different species of butterflies and moths in a little greenhouse sort of building. We were given a Q-tip to dip in sugar water. Then we put it under the mouth of a butterfly, and it could climb up on the Q-tip to eat the sugar. Some of them just landed right on us. The kids were pretty intrigued with the whole thing.

This one landed on Kara almost as soon as we entered.

Kaylee isn't too sure about holding a "bug".

Kara got this one to climb onto her finger. It stayed there for quite awhile. She got tired of holding it, and the lady in charge helped her transfer it to a flower.

When Krista was done holding butterflies, she got out her notepad and began taking notes. (So she could "remember what I learned today".)

Below is a close-up of the one Kendrick is holding.


Leah said...

Nancy, Wow, I haven't seen your blog for a while. Interesting article from Michael Reagan. Really like your pics, and my kids really like the little video. Leah