Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Day of School

We started school this week. I was going to wait until we are in the house, but that may be a couple of weeks yet. That seems a little too long to wait. So even though we are not very organized, we are getting the work done. Here are pics from the first day.

Krista is in 5th grade, Kendrick in 3rd, and Kara in 1st. I was going to do the K4 with Kaylee, but for right now, she wants to do what Kara is doing. The thing is it is so much review that she actually is able to do it. I think at some point it will go too fast for her. Then maybe I can talk her into doing her own thing. Right now it is actually easier on me not to have to get things ready for her.

I am using the Bob Jones University satellite program. They really like it and are learning quite well.